Fancy a nice walk? 
Wend your way through Jemappes park with your children! Through numerous plant species, escape from daily life and admire this exceptionally beautiful natural environment. 

  • Have fun at the shores of the vast fishing ponds where competitions are organised all year long. 
  • Play on the tennis courts or play sports on the health walk. A pétanque club is open during the summer season.
  • Hidden among the foliage, a playground eagerly awaits the kids.
  • Relax on the large lawn and enjoy the beautiful arboretum with its rose garden, flower beds and ancient trees.
  • Every week, painters come to exhibit their paintings.
  • La brasserie La Roseraie is open from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. Have a refreshing drink after a beautiful long walk.
Your walking style will never be the same again!

Explore Jemappes park at 35 Rue du Château Guillochain 7012  Jemappes (Mons)

+32 (0)65 39 71 10
+32 (0)475 45 24 13
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