Why not enjoy a beautiful day so the whole family can blow away the cobwebs! 
Boussu castle park lets you relax and explore. Stroll through centuries-old trees and encounter a variety of wildlife living in the wetlands of this classified site.
Discover the fauna and flora of this wonderful English-style romantic garden thanks to the many species that are part of it.
Want to make your walks more fruitful?
This is the time to learn more about the flora and fauna around us through an outstandingly rich ecosystem!
The flora:
Stroll through centuries-old trees, such as purple beeches and maples, as well as flowers and plants bursting with colours. Would you recognise them? 
The fauna:
A large number of birds, such as owls and hawks, nest in the park’s trees. Bees work away on the Boussu Castle honey, the best in the area!
The ponds are inhabited by frogs, ducks and other small animals while squirrels, rabbits, foxes, hedgehogs and friends frolic through the park! Open your eyes!

Drop by the nature observatory if you want to learn more! 
In Boussu, some beautiful discoveries await you!

Discover the Parc du château de Boussu at 43 Rue du moulin – 7300 Boussu

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