Spend some time discussing friendship, memory, reunions and being different.
This is the poignant story of two children, Martin and Simon. In the classroom, their friendship falters. From the fear of being rejected to the courage of being oneself, Simon will explain everything to us with emotion. Through the fall of a child in the mud to a delayed reconciliation, thirty years later ...

When? 22 April 2018 
  • From 2.00 pm: activities and reading corner, Mons public reading network (free entry);
  • 4.00 pm: “Simon la gadouille”
  • 5.156.15 pm: philosophy workshop (free, booking required)
Where? Théâtre le Manège
Price: €​15/12/9 (age 8 and more)
+32 (0)65 33 55 80