Maison Losseau (Rue de Nimy, 37)

A remarkable Art Nouveau building which hosts many literature-based exhibitions.

Paul Verlaine (Prison de Mons, Rue des Barbellés)

In 1873, Verlaine fires two bullets at Rimbaud. Jailed in Mons, he then writes his most beautiful masterpieces. On the occasion ofMons 2015, European Culture Capital, the singer Patti Smith wrote a poem on the wall of Mons prison… Guided tours can be booked at visitMons (+32 (0) 65/33.55.80).


Museum Émile Verhaeren (Rue Emile Verhaeren 23 - 7387 Roisin)

The famous poet Emile Verhaeren looked for tranquillity and inspiration in Roisin. Today a museum space is dedicated to him; which is also the starting point for numerous walks.