Its prestigious collection of clocks (dating from 1795-1815) is one of the largest in the world and brings together a host of exceptional pieces, including the superb " Paul and Virginia" piece, the work of the bronzesmith, Thomire, who was commissioned to craft it in 1802 by Napoleon himself. The theme of the " noble savage", an idea explored in the works of Defoe (Robinson Crusoe), Bernardin de Saint-Pierre (Paul and Virginia) or Chateaubriand (Atala) runs through a majestic collection of time pieces, something truly worth seeing. The museum also has a remarkable collection of porcelain produced by the best porcelain makers in Paris and Brussels, as well as opulent works in gold (including the reputed mons stamp), exceptional French gilded bronze works, antique jewellery (including a set of superb cameos) and a host of fascinating rare objects. An extraordinary museum with a highly multicultural, humanist and educational mission. A temple of neoclassical art and art de vivre under the First Empire, with countless beautiful artefacts from the Napoleonic era.

Pratical information

  • Open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 14:00 to 19:00. Guided tours on request from the Curator General, Baron François Duesberg.
  • Square Franklin Roosevelt 12, 7000 Mons
  • +32.(0)65/36.31.64