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  • Pro Vélo is a hosting venue. It hosts non-profit organisations which provide information and services to cyclists and prospective cyclists. There are four of them in Wallonia and they are managed by Pro Velo Service.
    La Maison des Cyclistes in Hainaut is located at Mons train station and is part of the "Point Vélo" network. The objective that staff try to further in Pro Vélo is to assist existing or future cyclists as regards their chosen mode of transport.
    In them cyclists can get services which make using their chosen method of transport easier – mechanical training, self-service workshops, repairs, etc. The services that are supplied there also enable support to be given to citizens as regards their decision to change their mode of transport – test rentals, purchasing guides, advice, and so on. The activities carried on by Maisons des Cyclistes have repercussions at local level but also at regional level.
    In tandem with them, event-based, tourism-related, research, partnership and training activities also take place there. Thus, at La Maison des Cyclistes you can also avail of the following services: - bike hire - bike repairs - mechanical training - self-service workshops - engraving (in the event that your bike is stolen) - bike parking - a bike shop - information and advice - maps and guides - a guided bike tour
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