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  • The pharmacy was taken over in January 2003 by Frédéric Mariage who succeeded his aunt, Thérèse Gosselin.
    The dispensary is located in the heart of the Messines district, on Rue de Bertaimont, next to the Poor Sisters' home. The pharmacy has always been a local dispensary close to its patient base and always in touch with its needs. So that they can always serve you best, they have, over the years, enlarged their range of products in stock, increase the frequency of deliveries, improved their patient space, etc. If, however, a product requested is not in stock, they guarantee restocking in a few hours, since they work directly with two of the largest wholesalers/distributors in Belgium, located in Frameries and Seneffe. These wholesalers guarantee regular drop-offs at their dispensary at various times of the day, during normal working hours but also on Sundays and holidays during on-call periods. Here are some of the services that they can offer you:

    The homeopathic medicines are prepared from substances which are called stocks and which are generally diluted and dynamised. The stocks used can be of animal, vegetable, mineral or chemical origin. Homeopathic remedies are prepared in different forms, such as: tubes of pills, globule doses, gel capsules, drops, tablets, powders, suppositories and creams. They work mainly with the Boiron, Heel and Lehning laboratories. Herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is a medicine that uses plants which have therapeutic properties, and it is specifically the "active part" of these plants which is used here. Once the plants are gathered, extraction is carried out through different methods. The extracts can then be administered in the form of capsules, infusions, extracts, etc. They have chosen to work mainly with the major brands of herbal medicinal products: Arkopharma, Tilman, etc.

    The term "Aromatherapy" designates the use of aromatic plants from which essential oils are extracted. An essential oil is the volatile essence extracted from aromatic plants through distillation by forcing it through steam. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for harmonising physical and mental health. Essential oils are used to strengthen the natural self-healing process. It is a natural method which is based on the activity of biochemical molecules in the essential oils. They work with Phytosun, Puressentiel and Pranarôm products. Bandages, dressings and plasters. They have a full assortment of bandages, dressings and plasters through the Bota, Compeed, Epitact, Hansaplast, 3M, Sloan and Urgo brands. Accessories and medical equipment: sales and hire. They have numerous medical products and accessories for sale... In accordance with their code of ethics, according to which health must be accessible to everyone, the most expensive of these such as inhalers are also available for hire, at low cost. Veterinary products. They can offer you a large assortment of veterinary products… If, however, a required product is not or is no longer available, they will guarantee rapid restocking. In fact, following the example of what applies for traditional medicines, their offering of veterinary products is also maintained through regular deliveries from wholesalers at different times of the day. Cosmetic products. They offer, amongst others, the following ranges: Avène, Eucerin, La Roche Posay, Roc and Vichy
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