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  • ‘Oxfam world stores’ is a citizens’ movement that aims to develop socioeconomic justice by combating inequalities and injustices structurally and comprehensively, both at local level through our movement and at national and international level through our contacts within Oxfam International. We strive for a world in which all men and women are regarded and treated on an equal footing, fully exercise their rights and can influence the decisions that affect their lives. We specifically: denounce unfair practices to make the production, distribution and consumption system fairer for the populations of the north and the south; offer equitable and solidarity-based alternatives: in the Oxfam world stores, we sell fair trade products as well as second hand clothes; train critical and responsible citizens who are able to understand major global issues and international solidarity (raising awareness in schools, training, campaign outreach, events, Oxfam breakfasts, moving to action around experiments, etc.); and we question political and economic decision-makers to create a force for change.
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