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  • Neuhaus is a superior quality chocolate-maker and confectioner, located at the bottom of the Grand Rue. Does Jean Neuhaus, the internationally renowned inventor of the praline, whose elegant stores have been around since 1857, need further introduction? This is an opportunity to let yourself be tempted by a wide choice of products.

    Something to whet your appetite.

    The Neuhaus store naturally offers chocolates or liqueur pralines, but also biscuits, fruit pastes, marzipan, spreads, Neapolitan Square chocolates, jams, syrups, through baptism, marriage and communion articles, without forgetting carefully selected liqueurs and French champagne. In winter, you can taste their candied chestnuts, and in the right season you can take advantage of their ice creams and calissons [lozenge-shaped sweet made of ground almonds] which come directly from Aix-en-Provence. Did you know that Neuhaus also has a fine grocery aisle, including, amongst others, rock salt, parsley vinaigrette and saffron?

    Neuhaus, where a love of food and quality meet!
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