La Maison de Jeannette

Company ,  Sewing, alterations, haberdashery at Mons

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  • La Maison de Jeannette is a fabric, blinds, curtains, hangings, seat upholstery and trim, patchwork and embroidery store. Patchwork, embroidery and club. The shop particularly specialises in fabrics for patchwork, and what's more, the store is filled with this from floor to ceiling! A patchwork club is held regularly at the rear of the store, where members take the time to devote themselves to their project, while having a nice coffee and exchanging advice with one another. The embroidery club will welcome you in the same way! Seat upholstery. Do you want to change your decoration without having to renew your entire interior? Think about seat upholstery! You bring your chair, choose your fabric, discuss it with the manager, and there you have it! You will have a new piece of furniture, completely customised! Ordering hangings. It is also possible to order hangings, always of course with the advice, smile and humour of the boss, who has a soft spot for wordplay and witticisms. At La Maison de Jeanette, you will be welcomed with a smile and prices that are really reasonable!
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