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  • Marylor Toilettage (grooming) is a wellbeing and grooming institute for dogs and cats. Prêt-à-porter and accessories are also sold there. All breeds of dogs and cats can be groomed at the institute. Marylor provides made-to-measure cuts which are done using natural products and specialised techniques.

    All services are provided, including the cutting of dogs' nails and cats' claws, ear, eye and paw pad care, and also cleanliness as regards genitals. New: the institutes's hot tub. A major special feature of this grooming salon is that it is equipped with a hot tub for dogs which provides your four-legged friends with an aromatic bath which is suitable for dogs and also massages, moisturising treatments and special treatments for paw pads as well as a revitalising shower, aromatherapy and even thalassotherapy! Your four-legged pet will thus be able to achieve Zen and experience complete wellbeing!

    The Marylor Toilettage (grooming) cosmetics boutique sells cosmetic products to animal care professionals and to the general public. It is the only place where professionals can get their hands on high-quality natural cosmetics made by the manufacturer Puppy Lyon-Montpellier, amongst which are shampoos for use by professionals, hair detanglers and scents.

    Made-to-measure service. Marylor is a real animal lover who is living out her dream of caring for pets! Staff members attribute great importance to the wellbeing of your pet and provide made-to-measure services. They choose the products that need to be used on a case-by-case basis. Do not hesitate to consult the Marylor Toilettage website.

    It demonstrates all of the energy and passion that Marylor puts in to meet the needs of your faithful companions.
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