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  • "Atelier K-LA, quand la fleur devient un art ! " ("Atelier K-LA, when flowers become an art!")

    Atelier K-LA is a reputed flower shop in the Mons area. Their creations are different due to their contemporary aspect, their freshness and their quality. The freshest flowers. The florist is located in Hyon (at Chaussée de Maubeuge, 504 A) and provides flower arranging and cut flowers. All of their products are fresh, thanks to deliveries four times a week.

    In addition, there is no fridge in the shop. The Atelier (workshop, literally) operates using a very special system which enables flowers to be kept in the very best condition possible. The shop also sells 100%-plant origin candles, and the smallest candle sold there can last 60 hours! Made-to-measure decoration. In addition to the shop, Atelier K-LA provides decorations for weddings, baptisms and communions, again in a fresh and contemporary style.

    They also provide services to companies, so do not hesitate to call upon their services as regards decorations for events held by the company you work for. "Atelier K-LA, quand la fleur devient un art!" ("Atelier K-LA, when flowers become an art!")
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