Some local ingredients, a little designer dress, an unusual knick-knack... With 850 shops, pedestrian streets and a particularly vibrant historic centre, Mons is a shoppers’ paradise. 

A buzzing centre

What a treat to be able to wander through these narrow cobbled streets lined with buildings each more incredible than the last. What a treat to be able to walk down these roads peacefully on foot to explore such a wide range of shops. Just a stone’s throw away from the Grand-Place, Mons’ shopping district boasts undeniable charm. Between Rue de la Chaussée and its high street names and Rue des Fripiers, to name but one, with its quirky boutiques, there’s something for everyone here. A shop specialising in tea, a jewellery boutique, a designer store and a deli, not to mention the little places to eat in a delightfully rural setting... The centre of Mons is packed with plenty of places to explore. Just follow your nose and step inside. 

Running out of ideas? That’s not possible in Mons! Associations of shopkeepers have plenty of tricks up their sleeves... The more curious among you will see the words “balade des cadeaux originaux” (original gift route) on some shop windows. This innovative concept, the only one of its kind in Belgium, gives everyone the chance to pick up an unusual gift that cannot be found anywhere else... Selected on the basis of originality criteria, more than 50 shops in Mons are offering original gift ideas, from knick-knacks, textiles and jewellery to flower arrangements, artisan products, treats for the kids and works of art… They’re really easy to find: just look in the shop windows for the label or visit the tourist information office for a complete list of participating retailers. You can also download a map from the homepage of the city of Mons’ website: 

Multiple choice shopping!

Getting to the city centre by car isn’t necessarily an obstacle course in Mons, as the city has a large number of car parks near the Grand-Place and near the main streets. Like any capital city, Mons also has a large, ultra-modern shopping centre in the Grands Près district. This temple of light is home to more than 70 different stores. Last but not least, if shopping isn’t your favourite pastime, you can visit the website for a wide range of products unique to Mons!