Just like its capital, Mons, the surrounding region has plenty to offer: a rich history dating back several millennia, a packed cultural life, vibrant traditions and unexpected natural surprises! 
A l'image de sa capitale Mons, la région montoise possède de multiples atouts : une histoire riche de plusieurs millénaires, une vie culturelle dense, des traditions vivaces et des coins de nature insoupçonnés ! 

A region that’s full of life

It’s impossible to get bored in Mons. The capital of Hainaut is one of Belgium’s most vibrant cities, but apart from the city’s energy, the whole region is full of life with a huge amount to offer. Between the valley of the Haine and its peaceful countryside, the Borinage and its landscape marked by three centuries of coalmining, not forgetting the Parc Naturel des Hauts-Pays in the south, where Mother Nature rules, let’s just say that you’d have to be mad not to get out into the great outdoors. The Mons region has a huge amount to entertain and amuse you, however old or young you are.


Grey turns to green

There are lots of walks and bike rides to choose from. Just a few kilometres from the centre of Mons there are all sorts of lush green landscapes. The slag heaps have been given a colourful makeover and are now home to incredible flora and fauna. Today, they offer unique panoramic views of the region. In Cuesmes, the Héribus slag heap offers an amazing view of the city of Mons and the river Trouille. In the Haine valley, there are no fewer than 6 nature and bird reserves, the most famous of which – the Marais d'Harchies-Hensies-Pommeroeul reserve – houses around 250 wild bird species alone, and is one of the largest reed beds in Wallonia. Sticking to the valleys, the Parc Naturel des Hauts-Pays is a real treat, both because of its traditional villages and its peace and tranquillity. 


Something for everyone

As well as the chance to get in touch with nature, a remarkable heritage and a traditional way of life, Mons is also packed with cultural and tourist attractions, for a fantastic family day out. From contemporary art and design at the Grand-Hornu and a scientific adventure park in Frameries, to breweries throughout the Hauts-Pays, a stunning garden and cultural venue at the Closerie du Vieux Cèdre in Colfontaine, not to mention the huge zoo, Pairi-Daiza, in Brugelette... There’s something for everyone here! With more than 5,000 animals and gardens that take you on a journey around the world, the Pairi-Daiza park was voted the best zoological garden and the best park in Belgium in 2013.