Nautical skiing, tree climbing, forest walks, stand up paddle testing, fishing, table tennis, all in the same place... It’s possible and it’s in the village of Tertre (Saint-Ghislain) that it takes place!
This is a place that brings together sports fans, thrill seekers, hiking enthusiasts and, more simply, nature lovers. In the heart of lush greenery nestled in forest, Belgium Cable Park in Tertre offers visitors many activities to cut out stress in an afternoon.

Snow sports

When you enter the area the cable overlooking the lake will certainly catch your eye. If a seasoned rider soars up and performs a few feats, you’ll say to yourself: not for me! Well, you’ll be wrong. The place’s great strength is that it targets a broad audience. From big kids to little ones, from athletes to homebirds! Step forward a little and take a seat on the Bertine (foodtruck) terrace facing the lake. And yes, a few minutes are enough to discover that everybody can indulge in cable skiing, provided the right activity is chosen. At Belgium Cable Park, you can enjoy water skiing, wakeboarding (snowboarding on water), waker skating (skateboarding on water) and for both activities, some understanding of gliding may help... but there’s also knee boarding, an ideal starting point because you stand on your knees on a board.

A haven of nature

And even if you don’t channel the spirit of a rider, many other activities will allow you to get away from it all. Begin by walking; the park is located in the heart of a 20 hectare forest with many hiking opportunities. Swinging from tree to tree with the family will certainly leave you with cherished memories. Several courses are offered with two aimed at the very young (3-6 years). The current trendy sport is also stand-up paddle boarding: standing on a board, you move forward using a paddle. Ladies, be aware that this is a complete sport which exercises core stability, the abs, the arms and the legs! Fishing enthusiasts will have ample opportunity to go for a spot of fishing around the lake. And if your heart is really is set on basking, go back and settle down on the Bertine terrace. There you can enjoy homemade burgers and snacks. Facing nature, you’ll feel lucky to be enjoying such an environment, but you are kindly asked not to mock those who’ve conquered their fears. Because as Pierre de Coubertin put it so well, the important thing is taking part!

Rue de la Hamaide, 79, 7333 Tertre (Saint-Ghislain), Tel.: +32 (0)65/66.25.07,