The district of St Ghislain includes Baudour, Hautrage, Neufmaison, Sirault, Tertre and Villerot. It is a convivial town where industry, the countryside, commerce and nature rub shoulders.

From the impenetrable Stambruges Forest to Baudour Wood, where the Princesse de Ligne is buried, this area is a veritable green lung. Walks starting in the square in Sirault will lead you through a varied landscape of fields and woods. The tours of the Marionville Nature Reserve led by Natagora allow visitors to discover this natural oasis. On quite a different note, at the Belgium Cable Park, you can be introduced to the pleasures of
wake-boarding and water-skiing on the Tertre lake.
Culture is another of St Ghislain’s strengths. The Ockegem Tower hosts a large number of exhibitions. The wonderful collections at the Train Space and Museum, not far from St Ghislain station, will fascinate you. Not forgetting the Memory Museum, with plenty of information about St Ghislain and its history. Throughout the year, St Ghislain puts on many festivals and events. For three weeks, the town’s streets are filled with dancing and singing during the World Folklore Festival. Uniquely in Wallonia, you can enjoy a ride in a helium balloon at St Ghislain, the pinnacle of the Ascension Day celebrations, which attract thousands of spectators. The Echo Festival, the Inter-Celtic Gathering and Neufmaison en Fête are some of the other highlights on the calendar.
The area played a significant role in the First World War, illustrated by the Tertre Memorial, dedicated to British and Commonwealth soldiers and inaugurated in 2013, as well as the many commemorative plaques in the streets of St Ghislain.

Did you know?
The St Ghislain Tourist Office can organise guided tours of the town for groups of 5 to 25 people. The tours start at the railway station and explore the district’s history and heritage.
Info : +32 (0) 65/78.41.41

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