Popular across the world, beer is celebrated and put under the spotlight in major popular events each year. The Jurbise festival of beer brings together more than 4,000 people every year to drink tasty beverages on the last weekend of June. 

Beloved hops

As old as the hills, beer has enthralled the palate for over 5,000 years!  Beautiful blondes and their relatives are always trendy... You might even say their popularity has never been so great. Once an “old fashioned” beer, it’s getting back on its feet thanks especially to new boutique breweries which value their know-how. The pleasure of your first sip, the contact of light foam, the bitterness of hops, the wonderful taste of finely brewed cereals - all arguments that convince you to come back but also discover new productions.

Something for all tastes

For 16 years, the organising team and the many volunteers present on the X try hard to make the festival a success. The 18 members of the organising committee work throughout the year in preparation for the event. They prepare the practical aspects and security, and of course select which beers go under the spotlight. In this respect, they go all over different beer fairs in Belgium to discover and select their new products. The essential beers are there of course, accompanied by lesser known local and artisanal productions. You’ll have understood the programme offers discoveries, which beer lovers will appreciate.

Friendly but affordable

Supported by 150 volunteers, the festival is a truly convivial time. The population is very attached to the event; people come for fun and to meet family and friends. Over the years, it has also became indispensable in Jurbise, making it the most important festivity in the village. Free entry, total security for children and concerts scheduled on Saturday and Sunday are all aspects that appeal to the young and old. Everyone can have a good time there. On Saturday you can to listen to a good rock concert and on Sunday go out and play with the family. It’s also the chance to mobilise the village around a shared, recognised heritage: beer.  To take people’s efforts all the way, funds are used to support children’s charities if enough are collected. A beautiful philosophy to live out each year on the last weekend of June.