With its three characterful courses, Hainaut Royal Golf Club is one of the most beautiful golf sites in Belgium. Located in the heart of the pine forest, this golf course truly is a haven of peace allowing you to roam through nature and changing landscapes over the seasons. A great opportunity to test a still little-known sport.

A bit of history

The inauguration of Hainaut Royal Golf Club dates back to 1933. Born under the initiative of a few passionate friends, it was built in the commune of Jurbise, a few kilometres from Mons. At the time one of the best architects in England, Tom Simpson designed the course. We are indebted to him for a few benchmark sites in Belgium: Spa, Sart-Tilmant and Kapellen and in France: Hardelot, Chantilly and Fontainebleau. Originally planned over nine holes, the course was heavily damaged during the Second World War. In 1948, the 18 holes became fully playable again before having nine new holes added in 1990 under the orders of another renowned architect, Frederick G. Hawtree.


The courses

If you’re itching to try out this sport, free initiations are awaiting you so you can feel the benefits of this outdoor sport. Under the watchful eye of professionals who’ve honed their technique, you’ll discover the exceptional setting of Hainaut Royal Golf Club in a playful and relaxed atmosphere. Three courses for a total of 27 holes are available to you, in the middle of lush, soothing nature. The fairways of the Bruyères and Quesnoy courses roll out among pines, birches and clumps of heather. The last course, les Etangs, runs for over 3,186 metres in an exceptional site populated by various species. More technical, it is recommended for experienced golfers due to its diversity, its relief and its natural obstacles.

Golf, a philosophy

First and foremost, it can truly be said that golf is a sport practiced at all ages. Whatever your morphology, your physical condition and your handicap, you can play for fun with family or friends. Golf is a sport that conveys positive values. It is most often played without a referee and relies on trust and respect to record your partners’ scores and penalties. An outdoor sport, it forces you into natural environments that reinforce respect for play spaces. Simply put, your only opponent is the terrain and its obstacles. So pick up your irons, driver and putters - the Jurbise fairways are waiting for you, 365 days a year.