Two brothers, Stephen and Vincent Dupont, have been flying the flag for Thulin for 31 years. Located at the centre of the village, in an old bourgeois house, their inn-hotel offers a family welcome and authentic cuisine. At the « XIXeme », quality, conviviality and attention to service are present in all seasons.

A central location in Thulin

A long journey was travelled since the opening of the restaurant. Three decades ago, when they embarked on the adventure, Etienne and Vincent could probably not imagine such a success. Loyal customers, a population very attached to the inn... In time, the XIXe has become a real institution in Thulin (municipality of Hensies). The two brothers managed to perpetuate the social function of the old house, which for the record, has always opened its doors to the public since 1822. "The establishment has always been a convenience store open to the public, we try to follow that long history with passion and humility" they explain. Everything began in 1985 with a tavern where everyone loved to meet after a day's work. This place for meeting and sharing was soon completed with a restaurant room that at the time already mainly served local produce. Things happened gradually in keeping with the values that make the reputation of the place, quality and service. New buildings adjacent to the house have been acquired to become today a restaurant with 80 seats, a hotel with 18 rooms and even a delicatessen where you can buy new preparations by Vincent every week.


Contemporary authentic cuisine

And looking at the number of guests every lunchtime, the address bases its reputation on the quality of its cuisine, simple and generous. "This is the best of recognitions" says Etienne who is in charge of service. A the « XIXème », Vincent’s cuisine is traditional and directed towards regional French produce. Seasonal menus are always based on local produce. On the menu: asparagus cooked in 8 first courses or dishes (more than 800 kilos of asparagus cooked per year), mussels, venison, the Beaujolais fortnight... and the timeless pieces of beef, fish, sauerkraut or cassoulet... When you enter the « XIXème », you can be assured of eating homemade dishes with seasonal products. But beyond the kitchen, it is impossible to not take advantage of the sector and the activities that are available to you. Etienne confirms "Thulin has always been a nerve centre at the heart of the trade routes. And we are also at the gates of the Parc des Hauts-Pays, a preserved area that presents magnificent landscapes and a beautiful countryside to discover on your bike or on foot.” If you are interested in history and heritage, do not hesitate to ask Etienne, who is passionate about his village and his territory; he will explain you its development and will give you some ideas for ‘must-do’ excursions.