Each year, sine more than 20 years 'The Festival of the19th century' animates the municipality of Montroeul-sur- Haine. The former brewery opens its doors to all walkers for a weekend. Some 4,000 people celebrate a village festival worthy of the name in good spirits.

A history to bring back to life

Welcome at « La Noyelle ». This old square building imposes from its entrance porch of impressive dimensions. It is named after the locality in which it is established. Its long history unfolds on its walls, including the date 1814. It is difficult if you live in such a place to not imagine what life in the past must have been like. "You are in a former farmhouse brewery. We worked in the fields to harvest grain with the farm horses. Then the beer was brewed which was distributed in all the surrounding villages" explains Jean-Pierre Bériot, owner of the premises. It is reflecting on the history of the farm and the sector that the organisers have come up with the 19th century festival. "August was a strong moment in the countryside, harvests were celebrated, you met with neighbours and residents for a good time.” It is this spirit that the joyful team wanted to revive every weekend before August 15 'a traditional ducasse where we eat, play, dance, and have a good time in the pure tradition of village festivals'.


A hint of old-world ducasse

Each year, Catherine, Jean-Pierre, Gerard, Pierre and many other volunteers organise the event with sincerity and commitment. With its varied programme there is something for everyone  throughout the day, while enjoying food at all times. Families, residents or curious passers-by: they all share the easy-going spirit of the festival. From Friday evening, the farm comes alive during a folk evening with its dance master, a good way to start festivities in music. On Saturday,a full day awaits you at the farm. From 9 am, 5 or 10 km hikes on signposted paths are organised to discover the beautiful surrounding countryside. Then it’s back to the farm to enjoy the place and the many events on the programme. Non-stop theatre, crafts, sound, fire and light shows, street artists, fire eaters... and even a pigs’ race! The farm and its old stones come to life to the rhythms of the bands, and there even is a traditional funfair. The carousel, the old swings and old rides are a source of endless amazement to the children. At the occasion, the « la Grande Noyelle »beer is rebrewed every year, a great occasion to raise a glass together while having fun!

Les Amis de la Noyelle ASBL
Rue du FAYT, 33 
7350 Montroeul-sur-Haine