A buckwheat beer, you had to think about it! In Boussu, in a two centuries-old farm, Sébastien Deseveaux brews original beers, to say the least. From 2011, he has been ‘updating’ little-known wheats in the brewing world.
At the foot of the vallée du Hanneton , the Boussutois are familiar with the farm in which Sébastien Deseveaux works. Everyone here knows it as the pink farm. Its pink brick buildings have been dominating the valley since 1821, as indicated on the main door anyway. « It is older than Belgium » smiles the brewer, the new master of the house. When the uncle of his wife stopped its agricultural activity in 2008, Sebastian bought the farm with one idea in mind: installing the brewery he dreamed of creating for years.

Creating different beers

Brewmaster at Louvain, and then in Brittany, this agri-food engineer wanted to fly solo and especially create beers that are like no other. "There are lots of Belgian beers, my goal in creating the brewery was to introduce new flavours.” Mission accomplished. So taste the Sarazen, a blonde beer with black wheat! A nod to his stay in Brittany, the master brewer chose to brew his beer with buckwheat, a cereal that provides softness and roundness. Rich in flavours and fruity aromas, the Sarazen already has its followers.

Local festivals

Since the launch of its activity, Sébastien participates in many events that take place around Mons: regional produce markets, folk festivals, fairs, etc... In addition to the Sarazen, the Deseveaux brewery also produces the Saison Avena, a beer with refermentation in the bottle, brewed with malt barley and oats!

Tour of the brewery

To discover the process of manufacture and the secrets of the Boussutois, the brewery Deseveaux opens its doors to the public on the first Sunday of the month. The Brewmaster in person guides visitors in its brewery, at 11 am, 12 pm, 2 pm and 3 pm. The opportunity to enjoy original beers in the magnificent setting of a historic farmhouse. The brewing room imported from Germany has been installed in the barn where you can still see the vaulted ceiling.

Brasserie Deseveaux, rue d'Hanneton n°8 in 7300 BOUSSU, tel/fax: + - http://brasserie-deseveaux.webnode.com

Visits all year round by appointment for groups. Store open on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 2 pm to 5 pm and on Saturday mornings, from 9 am to 12 pm.