Club de Parapente "Les Ailes du Levant"

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  • The club was created in 1995 by a group of enthusiasts living in Borinage.

    The first flights took place on the Terril d’Hornu. The flight was to the West and to the East (two faces can be used on the same site, which was lucky for us).

    We subsequently discovered another terril at Cuesmes (Le Levant) with another exposure (south-south-west) with a vertical drop of 90m. It soon became clear that this terril had interesting aerological potential.
    As a result, more and more flyers joined the Borinage pilots to form their club which would bear the name of their favourite terril “Les Ailes du Levant” under the lead of Alain Grenier who became their president.
    The club now has a little more than 70 members who come from the four corners of Belgium and the north of France. The club organises many outings abroad, especially in the Vosges, Lake Annecy, Savoie or the Alpes de Haute-Provence.

    Today: The club has about thirty members, most from Hainaut but others from Brussels, Walloon Brabant and Liège.
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