Location of the work: Rue Brunehaut, 129 - 7022 Mesvin

Katia Morgand has been painting since she was a child. After she met Action in 2014, she learned how to use a spray can and moved towards graphic research with a focus on illustration. She is particularly fond of details, and her work is meticulous. She is passionate about the world and its beauty - her travels inspire her and allow her to express herself fully.
when working as part of KAT&ACTION, she creates stylised animals with clean lines and bright colours.

ACTION first became interested in lettering about 20 years ago. He explores all possible means of creation: light, wood, modelling, spray paint and rollers. In recent years, he has concentrated on geometry and mathematics. He applies his lettering instincts to more minimalist compositions, in which every stroke is cherished as part of a rigorous and clean approach.
When working as part of KAT&ACTION, he creates the structure of the images in which the 6 letters of his name are skilfully hidden.

Their shared universe is an equation of shapes and colours that combines Action’s geometric letters with KAT’s clean, figurative lines . Their aim is to merge the whole into one. With their aerosols and acrylic paints, Kat & Action take to the streets to restore animals to their rightful place in the urban environment. They make the audience think about their responsibility for the fate of nature.

Of all the villages that were merged into the city of Mons, Mesvin is the one which has best managed to maintain its agricultural tradition. The village is surrounded by fields and farms, so it’s no surprise that Kat&Action have depicted this animal atmosphere so brilliantly.