Artist: Karelle Ménine and Ruedi Baur
Origin: France and Switzerland
Location of the Artwork: Intra-muros
The author and literary artist Karelle Ménine devised an original project entitled “La Phrase” [The sentence], which she wished to carry out with Ruedi Baur. In the heart of the city, a 10-kilometre sentence was created from a corpus of works by authors from Mons, then from Hainaut, Belgium, and finally from all over the world. The Sentence began at the Mons train station and welcomed visitors, took them through the city and then brought them back to the starting point. The words were placed on the walls and pavements, reacting with the reliefs, brick formats, windows and street corners. Even today, a few fragments of "The Sentence" remain on a pavement, a facade or on a window sill, thereby perpetuating poetry in the city.