Location of the piece: Chaussée de Beaumont, 523 - 7022 Harmignies
Farid Rueda was born in Morelos, officially called the Free and Sovereign State of Morelos. Mexican pride is deeply engrained in these lands. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see to what degree this artist is affectionate towards his country. When the young Farid was 9 years old, his family moved to Xochimilco, in Mexico. It was a critical moment for his development because this move meant that Rueda had a lot more art at his disposal - Xochimilco offered many more galleries and artistic institutions. He entered the famous ENAP (Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas or National school of visual arts).
Through the years, Rueda worked alongside very famous graffiti artists, such as Saner and LeSuperDemon. His combination of visionary styles allowed us to obtain extremely interesting results and pieces that were fortunate enough to have the best of each creator combined within it. Whatever the project Farid worked on, the principal characteristic of colour was never questioned. It is, without doubt, his best-known trademark. It should be noted that Farid Rueda belongs to the wave of non-galleries and doesn’t think that graffiti should ever be suppressed and introduced into museums or other places. That would equate to destroying the pieces, as though you would want to amputate an arm and expect it to continue to live. Such actions also destroy a vital part of the identity of graffiti - that changes its relationship with the spectators. One day Rueda said: When my work is exhibited in galleries, people are immediately “programmed” to think that what they see is art - even if they sometimes don’t understand it. In the street, it’s different; critics are everywhere across the world, and the artists can connect with all spectators, beyond their tastes and their knowledge of the matter, and it is the greatest compliment in this line of work.