Location of the piece: Rue des Capucins, 13 - 7000 Mons

Biography of the artist: Antonio Segura Donat (Dulk) The artist Dulk, Antonio Segura, is one of the most important names in Valencian painting at an international level. His work started to gain shape in urban art and wall painting - to which he remains closely linked to this day - at the same time as study work, but he does not stop there. He continues to research and incessantly creates new forms of expression through various media, drawing, sculpture and photography, among others. True to his core - with a strong ecological conviction to defend ecosystems and the most vulnerable species - this work invites the spectator to become part of a unique imaginary realm, full of energy and with a particular sensitivity for colour. A dream world with animals and natural spaces which tell personal stories that are universal and unique.