Location of the piece: Rue Ferrer in Cuesmes

NOIR Artist (Lucien Gilson) is a young Belgian plastic artist and mural painter from Liège, trained at Saint-Luc Liège. He creates paintings as well as mural frescoes in almost all formats and mediums. But always in shades of black (‘NOIR’). Or almost, since colour and gold now also have their place in his world.
Paintings, drawings, monumental frescoes, mural art, trompe l'oeil, urban decoration and design, this work “in black” does not leave people indifferent. Inspired by publicity, pop art, baroque art or calligraphy, NOIR Artist gracefully enumerates his hyper-realistic pictorial obsessions and his more abstract musings.

In this fresco entitled “Voir au-delà” (see beyond), NOIR Artist encourages us to always look beyond the challenges and obstacles in our lives.
If this work had a theme, it would be “Dare to break your chains,” as the dove at the top of the wall shows.
Too many of us live with constraints, doubts or uncertainties that prevent us from moving forward. This piece reminds us of the importance of always looking further and visualising your dreams, which is the only way they will be able to come true.
The dove is a symbol of peace and calm. This bird is very present in the work, especially in the character’s mind. It signifies that it is only with a serene spirit that we will be able to really take flight.