Location of the piece: Rue du Grand Jour, 29 - 7000 Mons

“The figure of Saint George has been familiar to me for a long time because other artists, painters and musicians have represented him and sung about him. It was a challenge for me to make a drawing associated with a character from a religious story, because it’s not usually my style. But I soon realised that the culture and tradition of a place are very important and pass through other places, the love of the place where you grew up, the love of the people who surround you in this place, the nostalgia of your experiences during your life there, etc. I’ve also encountered Saint George in other cultures (Sant Jordi in Catalonia, Sao Jorge in Brazil, etc.) and he’s always given me positive feelings. Drawing the sketch of the mural was a wonderful process and I’m very proud to be able to share this work with the people of Mons and to be able to bring a bit of their culture into my experience.”