Location of the piece: Facade of the restaurant Le Coq Wallon, Place de Saint-Symphorien, 7030 Mons

Born Dejan Ivanović, Wuper Kec is a Serbian artist living in Indija (Serbia). He graduated from Belgrade Polytechnic and in 2006 took up an interest in the world of street art and graffiti  Perfecting his art through his urban encounters, he ended up focusing on mural painting as he explored his artistic personality. 
He finally found his identity through a more figurative approach than his initial work. He began to paint more regularly with brushes, constantly improving the quality of his style and his work. Wuper Kec then became known for his frescoes that highlight the human and life in Serbia. Since 2016, he has dedicated part of his artistic life to oil painting and attends many festivals around the world. 
His fresco focuses on farming and highlights the local terroir through chicory, which is very popular in Saint-Symphorien.
Wuper Kec enjoyed painting for Art Habite la Ville (art lives in the city). “The inhabitants have been really nice to me and I’m very happy that my work is well received here on this pretty square in Saint-Symphorien.”