The project called “Famous people of Mons” was created by the students of the Arts2 workshop, who all chose a personality from Mons to work with: Roland de Lassus, Charles Malapert, Marguerite de Constantinople, Salvatore Adamo and Marouane Fellaini. A list of 20 names was progressively revealed.

The name Malapert refers to three things today. Above all, it refers to the Mons researcher and mathematician, Charles Malapert, who scrutinised and studied the sky like Galileo during the same era. In his honour, his name was given to two places, firstly at this road junction, a modest tribute to the astronomer. However, the second place is not on earth; it is a crater on the south pole of the moon topped by a mountain.  Thus it is upside down and covered with a golden stream constantly bathed in sunlight that the crater and the mountain light up for us in return.