Artist: Louise Delattre Origin: Belgium Location of the artwork: Ambroise Paré Hospital façade. Originally from Colfontaine, Louise Delattre, a 2nd year student of drawing in the Mons Ecole des Arts² [School of Art], has here devised a 450 m² mural fresco in self-adhesive vinyl. The project consisted of a collaboration between the Mons 2025 Foundation and La Ruche d'Arts [Arts Hive] to produce proposals for the project “L’Art habite la Ville” [Art lives in the City] with first year students in the bachelor’s degree programme. The students had to take several photos of infrastructures in Mons and then make visual proposals using a computer. Louise chose the Ambroise Paré Hospital for the great visibility it affords from the ring road. "The choice of medicinal plants alludes to both nature and medicine, especially in Ambroise Paré's time, when they were essentially used. " Several projects have been selected, including her own, which was made of vinyl and set up by the company "Application Team" in the summer of 2019."