Location of the work: chemin des Mourdreux, 2 - 7000 Mons

The Angels of Mons is a legend according to which a group of angels appeared to the soldiers of the British army at the beginning of the First World War, during the battle of Mons in Belgium.

The artist gave us his interpretation of the work: “The scene to be painted in the fresco shows the moment in the Battle of Mons when the angels arrived to help the soldiers.  In the picture, the figure of the angel is represented by a war nurse (with her typical attire) who, in a way, can be considered the true angels in wartime, exposing themselves to genuine dangers to care for the wounded.  The heavenly sky in the image is an important element, showing that something special is happening which is why the soldiers on the ground are looking up at it while the rest of the country is devastated by battle.”