Place du Parc
Participatory project

Project: 160 real birdhouses with images of neighbours are installed in
the Place du Parc in this work symbolising family and
BLANC MURMURE asbl is a Centre d'Expression et de Créativité (C.E.C.) (Centre for Expression and Creativity) recognised by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles since its creation. Their project is to initiate a varied public in contemporary art and creation through different artistic techniques. Children, adults, youths, education professionals, people in social rehabilitation, handicapped people, seniors, everyone can become a creator and an actor in an artistic approach. They propose societal themes, a true thread between their artistic experiences. Diverse techniques are made available to the public as a means of expression for their creative inspiration: illustration and fictional writing, sculpture and installation in urban spaces, video and cinema animation, image creation through photography.
“L’art habite la ville”, 160 inhabitants, children and adults, played the game; they participated in the creation of the birdhouse village. They were photographed and then reproduced their faces on the birdhouses that were prefabricated for the occasion. A new utopian area was born in the centre of the “Place du Parc for a period of two years. This participatory piece of work reflects a shared creative moment.
A portrait Gallery which attempts the eventuality of cohabitation, possible or impossible, between birds and men. The CEC Blanc Murmure in collaboration with the Institut du Sacré-Cœur, the local school “Les arquebusiers”, the school of the future, Impulso