Le Grand-Large
Participatory project

Project: In the context of “Réseau Points-Nœuds” on the Mons - La Louvière route, fantasies created from the regional heritage animate a structure in the Grand Large. Collage workshops were organised, where children recreated fantasies from photos of the local heritage in the broad sense
“Daring the monumental, confronting the public space by involving its inhabitants, the artists of the CEC Blanc Murmure happily follow this utopia.
The stopover is the reflection, a point of view of what could be
the representation of our Mons heritage. Roaming through a fantasy story where famous people appear, the architecture and folklore, the fauna and flora in offset assemblies. To accompany the composition, Olivier Sonck, plastic artist, proposes a sentence with a double meaning.” Blanc Murmure

BLANC MURMURE asbl is a Centre d'Expression et de
Créativité (C.E.C.) (Centre for Expression and Creativity) recognised by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles since its creation.
Their project is to initiate a varied public in contemporary art and creation through
different artistic techniques. Children, adults, youths, education professionals, people in social rehabilitation, handicapped people, seniors, everyone can become a creator
and an actor in an artistic approach. They proposesocietal themes, a true thread between their artistic experiences.

Diverse techniques are made available to the public as a means of expression for their creative inspiration: illustration and fictional writing, sculpture and installation in urban spaces, video and cinema animation, image creation through photography.
Le CEC Blanc Murmure to deal with the students of the local school Barigand, the children of the Emile Rolland residents and the attendees of the evening workshops