Artist : Olivier Sonck
Origin : Belgium
Location of the artwork : Walls of the Mons Penitentiary Centre 
Rue des Barbellés

Project: Olivier Sonck has created a series of workshops about childhood memories, in two
phases: first with twenty detainees (ten men and ten women) and then with the neighbours of the penitentiary centre (residents, students, workers, etc). The result?
A literary fresco full of authenticity and poetry, painted on the exterior wall of the penitentiary centre. It will evolve over time and according to the weather conditions.
Olivier Sonck is a Belgian artist linked to Mons by his studies at Arts2. Since finishing his studies in Visual Arts, he has been working in engraving
and silk-screen printing as well as teaching in several schools.

What has been his passion for the last few years? Words.
“I’m interested in their meaning, in the way people pronounce them wrongly and in the final result
after passing through distracted ears. I make objects of them, often printed, marked on cold materials such as metal, inert like lead, shiny like copper but also warmer ones and (sometimes) comforting like wood.”