Location of the piece: Office National des Pensions, rue de Nimy, 73 à Mons, rue des Marcottes side

Leonidas Giannakopoulos was born in Crete in 1983 and graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts.
Over the past decade, he has been involved in numerous exhibitions involving multiple artists. He has also had three solo exhibitions in Greece and Europe, and has been appointed to produce various works of street art in Greece and abroad.

In creating the work “Global City,” Leonidas’s intention was to create a composition that represents the concept and history of the Mundaneum and the ideas of its founders.
The title of the piece is inspired by Paul Otlet’s vision of a global village that would spread its knowledge to the rest of the world, bringing about global peace and cooperation.
Leonidas wanted to create a work that represents the concept of the Mundaneum but also the human need to dream the impossible and to aim boldly for the future.