Parc des anciens Abattoirs, Rue de la Trouille 17
Sculpture / Coproduction with Fluide (Thuin Cultural Centre)

From a young age Daniel Fauville was interested in painting. He soon became a teacher of plastic arts in an Institute of higher education in Brussels. As a painter and sculptor, he has his own unique style, timeless and universal, without ever falling into an artistic regionalism.
His work is characterised by a simplified line keeping to the essential and the use of forms that are familiar and imagined at the same time.
Daniel Fauville remains faithful to his childhood dreams and fascinations. Trams, cars, boats, planes, motorbikes are placed in urban landscapes or are shown in close-up. Other objects of his attention: factories, buildings and fortresses that he embeds in a local reality.

“Gardiens du fleuve” (Guardians of the river): These boats are a figment of Daniel Fauville’s imagination and remain faithful to his childhood dreams and fascinations.
Ever since he started painting, means of communication and public transport have been recurring subjects in Daniel Fauville’s approach. These heavy stranded boats, the four barges that the artist created for Fluide are a sort of invitation to travel, to dream on the water’s edge. The cast iron translates the massiveness of these boats while the rough and rusty material makes them look as if they come from another time. Like artefacts, these inert masses bear witness to the sweat of the men who work on molten metal in the blast furnaces
of the region. Their simple and universal forms make them an emblem, a headstone, the monument of a time long gone and yet so close to us. They also remind us of a cradle or a sarcophagus, where dreams are born and die. In boating towns, these barges suggest the meeting, the discoveries and the exchanges that happen along the journey. Together, they are the Guardians of the river, the river of life, of the town, of history, of memory, of the boat and metal industry, of travel and of commerce in the city.