Location of the piece: Rue des Orphelins in Mons

“The moments we experience, the people we meet and the places we pass through are imprinted on our memories. But our past experiences, whether real or imagined, are subject to the effects of memory: they get altered, become confused, merge and disappear. NEAN’s most personal works deal with this issue of time, with how we come to terms with the novel of our lives, to make things a little better or a little less worse. The support wall perfectly espouses this relationship with time, with its ageing and decay, which are never forgotten; or with the hotchpotch of actions which, even when under wraps, keep a record of their existence.
Born in 1991, NEAN lives and works in Brussels”.

“The idea behind Nean’s work is to pay homage to Cybèle and Poliade, two figures that feature in the battle of the ‘Lumeçon’. Beyond its purely decorative aspect, this fresco is an opportunity to pay tribute to living folklore that welcomes the idea of self evolution and reinvention.”