Location of the work: rue du Chapitre, 2 - 7000 Mons

Andrea Ravo Mattoni's ambition in this work dedicated to Saint Waudru is to unite the past with the present, to unite classical art with contemporary art.

To bring the past and the present into dialogue, the artist combines academic learning techniques and the use of spray paint, classical works and accessible media. The project can be summed up as follows: reproduce the paintings of classical art on large walls by making them visible to all. Each work chosen has a clear link with the region where it is reproduced and thus becomes an opportunity to re-establish the dialogue between classicism and the contemporary region. The utopia that emerges is that of a large open-air art gallery, with works that, until now, have been exhibited and “locked up” in the rooms of the world’s largest museums.

For this project in Mons, I decided to paint Antoine Van Ysendick’s work “Saint Waudru and her daughters visiting the prisoners” on a large wall. Saint Waudru is the patron saint of the city and the work is located in the Collegiate Church opposite the wall. It seemed obvious to me to highlight this masterpiece.