Location of the work: Rue des Canonniers, 18 - 7000 Mons

At the age of seven, Konstantin began to study drawing in the studio at 28 Malaya Gruzinskaya in Moscow. He took up graffiti in 1997 and this was his only passion until 2010. Zmogk was a member of the first graffiti teams in Eastern Europe, and has now developed a unique signature style and become a prominent figure. Zmogk was among the first to go international. In 2010-2011, he stayed at the Jardin Rouge artist’s residency in Morocco, which prompted him to turn to painting. His works are dynamic, harmoniously composed, vividly coloured, seemingly chaotic, but full of feeling.

Zmogk has lit up the Rue des Canonniers which is just a stone's throw from the Place Nervienne, a place which is well known as the venue for the Feux de la Saint-Jean festival.