Location of the work: Cour du Petit Marché (Rue de Nimy) - 7000 Mons

GODMESS & THIRDRUA have come straight from Porto in Portugal. Godmess is a multidisciplinary artist who strives for diversity in his work, as evidenced by the wide variety of subjects and media he uses. Thirdrua's work has always pushed the boundaries of what constitutes urban art. He undoubtedly draws inspiration from the everyday culture of the city. His style focuses on the realism of three-dimensional textures.

The two artists decided to ask schoolchildren in Mons to provide them with inspiration. Drawing workshops were organised in a number of local secondary schools in June. The drawings were then sent to the two artists, who decided to interpret and transpose them into their own world. The children and local residents were invited to workshops to help them create the fresco.