Location of the work: Boulevard Sainctelette, 133 - 7000 Mons

Daniel Eime has been a professional artist since 2011. His passion came to the fore when, at the age of 16, he first went out onto the street and began to experiment with graffiti. Daniel Eime created his own style using stickers and posters which he incorporated into his works. His unique aesthetic is recognisable on account of his expert stencilling, for which Fin Dac, among others, was a source of inspiration. This technique is evident in all his creations, giving them a touch of pop art and realism. His work covers very large surfaces, incorporating both the figurative, with precise details made possible by stencilling, and the abstract, in the form of colourful geometric motifs.

In this work, Daniel Eime pays tribute to Marguerite Bervoets.