Location of the work: Rue des Arbalestriers - 7000 Mons

Matteo Capobianco, aka Ufocinque, was born in Novara in 1981. Originally an active member of the Italian graffiti scene, he gradually embraced a broader definition of urban art while studying design at the Politecnico di Milano. Always firmly convinced of the infinite possibilities of fresco as a communication tool, he began experimenting with different techniques. At the heart of Ufocinque's vision is the idea of layering: each of his works blends traditional painting techniques with a project-oriented attitude, in which several levels of interpretation are interwoven. Form is never separated from function - they support each other to create a world of effortless beauty.
As the Rue des Arbalestriers follows the line of Mon’s old city walls (with the Tour Valenciennoise just a few metres away), Ufocinque decided to take this as his theme. He will construct his work with sensitivity and create a suitable stage for it in the space allocated to him.