Location of the work: Rue Claude de Bettignies, 19 - 7000 Mons

Ruído is a creative project developed by the Portuguese artists Draw (Frederico Soares Campos, 1988) and Contra (Rodrigo Guinea Gonçalves, 1984), both of whom have been strongly influenced by graffiti and urban art. It is the result of a ten-year artistic collaboration - in the form of a symbiotic dialogue between the individual language of each element - which produces large- and small-scale pieces in a unique and instantly recognisable style. This collective work interweaves Draw's monochromatic, figurative and deeply human universe with Contra's colourful, abstract, geometric and textural approach, producing compositions that have a huge impact on their space and environment, and at the same time make different kinds of connections with the viewer. As a project, Ruído represents the culmination of this relationship, this balance between the organic human form and an abstract, textual intervention, which not only uses space as its inspiration, but seeks to transform it, creating constructive interference with its environment and altering the perception of those who inhabit it.


Projeto Ruído worked in the Rue Claude Bettignies, the street that leads to the Duesberg Museum. So time is the perfect theme.