Location of the work: Rue du Rossignol, 14 - 7000 Mons

Zesar Bahamonte was born just outside Seville, in Spain. At the age of 19, he moved to the Andalusian capital, where he not only studied at the Seville School of Art, but also came into contact with social and cultural handicraft groups. This would later define him as an artist. He spent a year in Barcelona, where he rekindled his love of street painting, and then moved to Montevideo, Uruguay. There, he developed as a professional mural artist, took part in several street art festivals, exhibited his work in galleries and painted live alongside various musicians (ranging from a flamenco peña to an electronic music group) and, above all, continued to paint in the streets, where he pursued his quest for style and technique.

Zesar has already delighted us with his huge Saint George fresco in the Rue du Grand Jour. So it was only natural that we should invite him to create his version of the dragon. Because what would Saint George be without the dragon?