Location of the work: Rue des Arquebusiers, 3 - 7000 Mons

Andrea Buglisi has been working as an artist since 2000. He concentrates mainly on painting, and has a particular interest in pollution. He describes his research as: "A kind of visual trap. I tend to draw the viewer in with chromatically and compositionally appealing images that are a nod to design and advertising. At a deeper level of interpretation, however, we can see something disturbing which, through the perfect vehicle of irony, conveys a critical message to society with its conventions and collective neuroses."

Andrea's wall is in the Messines district, and this is his statement of intent: The work is inspired by the tradition of the "Gayole", and is reinterpreted in my personal artistic language. With this work, I wanted to create the illusion that the architectural building has turned into a kind of birdcage, like those that were sold on the market to support families during periods of unemployment. However, my cage is different; the bars are thick and wide apart, and the birds inside are free. They seem to play happily in their world, which combines nature, tradition and modernity.