Location of the work: Rue Ottelet, 1 - 7022 Mesvin

Dridali is based in Valencia, Spain. He specialises in creating hyper-realistic faces. The technique he uses in his work is spray painting, which is highly versatile and durable. He works on canvas and creates interior and exterior murals.

Mesvin was the scene of an extraordinary act of courage by Gabriel Ottelet, a member of the Resistance during the Second World War. It was there that Gabriel Ottelet was killed on 5 June 1944. After shooting a German officer, he took refuge in the Mesvin postman’s attic, unaware that he, too, was wanted by the Germans for ration-coupon fraud. Thinking that the Germans were coming after him, Gabriel Ottelet escaped over the rooftops, but was shot by a sentry.

This work is Dridali’s emotional tribute to him.