Location of the work: Boulevard J. F. Fitzgerald Kennedy - Helora site

Studio Giftig is made up of the Dutch artist duo Niels van Swaemen (b. Eindhoven 1981) and Kaspar van Leek (b. Philipsburg St. Maarten 1983).
Studio Giftig’s distinctive visual language is characterised by the fact that, in addition to the quality of the paintings which are a typical element, all the images are created independently.  Recognisable through the process in which they work is the way they translate their own personal ideas by photographing the objects and models themselves. In this way, they ensure total autonomy in their visual language as a starting point for their paintings. Studio Giftig have now developed their own visual language in urban art, using it to create works independently as well as for leading galleries and clients.

The falling Lisanthus flowers are an allusion to the theatrical tradition of applause or cheering. Lisianthus symbolises appreciation and gratitude. The people depicted are an experienced nurse and a doctor, who together represent the impact, dedication and human aspect of work in the field of healthcare. The arrow points to the left, as in the past, in a symbolic or spiritual context, an arrow pointing to the left represented the warding off of evil.