The Saint-Lazare brewery

at Mons

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  • Custom beer brewing!

    After studying the art of brewing and the industrial production of beer, Jean-Philippe Mottoul threw himself into amateur brewing in 2006. He preferred small scale production in order to experiment with different recipes, which he tested on a public made up of connoisseurs over the following years and improved over time. Better beers were to follow, as well as an improved understanding of the high fermentation processes. In 2015, a group of aficionados, wishing to promote Jean-Philippe’s expertise, got together and created the Saint-Lazare brewery. The name refers to the “Faubourg St Lazare” located on one of the five hills of Mons.

    The Saint-Lazare brewery is currently known as an artisanal brewery, small in size, independent and traditional, at the service of clients wishing to acquire a quality product. Offering a nearby point-of-sale for custom-made products and giving preference to local distribution. Furthermore, the Saint-Lazare brewery chose to bet on the production of custom brews, preferring quality to quantity and thereby responding perfectly to the wishes and expectations of its customers. The aim is to conceptualise and test atypical recipes, new styles, different malts, yeasts, spices, hops and brewing techniques. The brewery has even acquired an automatic brewing module of 20 litres to help develop these new beer recipes. You can well imagine, the Saint-Lazare brewery is developing some unique recipes covering a wide range of artisanal beers. Innovation and originality guaranteed! Certain beers are produced for a fixed period of time whereas others become permanent. Among the most successful, that were renewed:

    • #002, the Saison: for the purists who love Belgian tradition,
    • #004, the Blonde light, for those who like to enjoy the summer flavours,
    • #010, the Pale Ale Ambrée in the style of Hoppy-Brett, for fans of Brett and unique tastes,
    • #013, the Barley Wine, for luxury lovers, aged in “ Belgian Owl” whisky vats!

    So if you feel like creating a beer of your own, Saint-Lazare is here to help you! From creating the recipe to the final processing in barrels or bottles, passing through the brewing stage and the creation of the label, nothing will be left to chance!
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