The Little Colmant Girl

Restaurant ,  Local cooking at Baudour

  • A human and family project above all

    Colmant. Does this name mean something to you? The Colmant brewery, indeed! Remember, this family brewery stood in Baudour between 1870 and 1974. Sadly, it ceased its activities in the 1980s following the death of Pierre Colmant, the last proprietor and brewer of the premises. However, the memory of the brewery went on living within the Colmant family, and it was Hélène, the granddaughter of Pierre who became passionate about this world of brewing and who especially wanted to perpetuate his memory by making her father proud. At just 30 years old, Hélène launches into this family adventure. Not having known the brewery nor her grandfather, Hélène had nothing but stories and family documents as well as some lost objects in her parents’ cellar (enamelled plates, wooden beer crates). After a few cleaning sessions and Internet research to find other treasures (labels, glasses from the Colmant brewery, etc.), Hélène managed to revive this heritage and sensitise her father about this family history by offering him her findings. But Hélène then set herself a new objective: to resurrect the Colmant Season to dedicate it to her father. A symbolic gesture, a dream coming to fruition with the collaboration of a brewer.

    The “Old Colmant Season”

    One of the emblematic products of the brewery described as a “luxury beer”, “vintage reserve”, “superior class”, etc. A quality drink that is far from having been forgotten. At the origin of its appellation is the term “Season”, which typically designates a Belgian beer born in the province of Hainaut. Back in the day, farms were flourishing in the region and most of them engaged in brewing activity (cereals were plentiful!). Seasonal workers were employed during the summer to help in the fields and, to refresh them, the farmer-brewers offered them a slightly tart thirst-quenching drink which they had brewed during the winter. This was the case of the Colmant brewery. And although the industrial landscape of the region has since changed, beers of the “Seasonal” type are still anchored in Hainaut.

    The “Colmant Season, New Generation”

    There, the first project of the little Colmant girl saw the day! It’s thanks to the collaboration with La Brasserie du Borinage, essential for developing the recipe of the beverage and monitoring its brewing that the Colmant Season has been able to experience a new life. Furthermore, by exploring more closely behind the scenes of brewing production, Hélène has developed a real thirst for understanding, learning and mastering the art of beer. She decided to take various brewing courses and tasting workshops until she enrolled in a certification in zythology at IFAPME. Because, the little Colmant girl wants to go further in her project: to no longer limit herself to new production, but to offer a place of experiences and exchanges, combining tasting, animation and training. The question was then asked about the place hosting all of these projects: the main building of the Colmant brewery having disappeared, Hélène chose the restaurant Le Faitout in Baudour. The young woman wanted to stay in the family village and find a place that would share her values: to highlight local crafts and tasty products. What's more, Le Faitout is located just 50 metres from the former main building of the Colmant Brewery. The "Colmant Season, New Generation" can be exclusively enjoyed in restaurants (or taken away). You can, however, also order it via the website
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